Work Camper Reach Workcamp 2001 - Weston, WV
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MUMC Youth and Other Reach Pictures
I'm rich! Sam steals the B-Man's lunch money.
There was quite a line for the ladies bathroom at our first rest stop. But these girls made the most of it: Katie, Ashley, Hannah, Jessica, and Logan
Great grub at Wendy's! Drew, Laura G, Krysta, and Sammy.
Sam thinks B-Man needs a little seasoning!
Hi, my name is Chubby…
Sam and Rachel demonstrate the proper squatting technique in the Wendy's restroom. And, no, B-Man did not take this picture!
Some of our crew posing for a scenic pic at the New River Gorge. Richard, Matt, Beth and Evan.
The New River Gorge
Help me out! Sam and Rachel.
This must have been a fun van! Grayson, Jessica, Alex, Logan, Brandon, and T waving from the back.
B-Man looking mighty cool as always in his shades. Laura G looks on.
Youth group reflections the first night. Let's see that's Beth, Rachel, Claudia, Trevor, Kaitlin, Caitlin, Nathan, Mia, Danny, Evan, T, Alex and Greg, with Matt and Barb looking on from the back.
David "Slowhand" Nussman on guitar as Beth ponders the moment.
Who's this guy?
Monday Nitro at Reach Camp. Brandon and Greg provide the entertainment for our first night.
Grayson and T fight on the undercard.
Evan is smiling because his money was on T.
The boys at the evening program, just chillin'. Grayson, Greg, T, Brandon, Trey and Alex.
Two strapping young lads: Greg (Reach Camp Leader) and the B-Man. Sorry ladies, but both are spoken for!
The boys choir: Bob, Matt, Nathan, Evan, Danny, Scott, Don, Greg and Brandon
And the girls: Claudia, Laura D, Krysta, Lauren, Sammy, Barb, Sam, Laura G, Rachel, Kaitlin, Caitlin and Katie
Grant enjoys the musical genius of David and Brad.
Another shot of the female posse: Beth, Claudia, the other Beth, Krysta, Laura D, Lauren, Sammy, Sam, Barb, Kaitlin, Laura G and Caitlin.
Beautiful sunset from peaceful Weston, WV.
Chow time! Brad, Trey, Greg, Grayson, Rachel, Kaitlin and Mia.
Notice no one is late for dinner: Scott, Hannah, Ashley, David, Alex, Sammy, Claudia, Krysta and Don.
The gang at the evening program: Greg, Grayson, Trey, Don, Rachel, Hannah, Lauren, Brandon, David, Sam, Krysta, Claudia, Sammy and Ashley.
Alex and his new friend Sam.
B-Man dishing out appropriate punishment for someone as bad-looking as Brad.
The girls vogue-ing for the camera: Logan, Katie and Jessica.
A little Vegas casino action going on. Blackjack with salt packets anyone? Richard, Matt, Nathan, Bo, Barb, Beth and Bob.
B-Man with MUMC's own trouble-shooter, Stuart!
Good time for a picture: Ashley, Sam, Hannah and Rachel.
A little dark and blurry but the gang's all here: T, Rachel, Jessica, Katie, Ashley, Lauren, David, Sam, Grant, Kaitlin, Matt, Alex, Trevor, Hannah, Trey, Greg, Caitlin, Logan, Mia, B-Man, Krysta, Drew and Nathan. Whewww!
Looks like Brad made a few enemies this week… I don't think he needed a shave!
Chico dancing with a friend.
Apparently, the heat got the best of Grayson. Poor Brandon… Grant and Trey sympathize.
Time to go home! Logan, Katie and Hannah give Jessica a lift.
Best buds, Jessica and Hannah in an extreme closeup!
Sam catching a ride on the Lauren and Rachel express.
It stinks in here, somebody help me out! Mia escapes.
Veterans of many Reach weeks, Reach Counselor Jeff and B-Man pause for admirers.
I love this man! Danny shows his affection for his pal Scott.
No girlie men allowed: Matt, Drew, Stuart, Brad (guess he didn't get the memo), Richard, B-Man and Bo
Goodbye Weston!
The first in a series of pictures I like to call "Never hand over your digital camera to a 13-yr old girl at a gas station". Trey trying to hide the Cosmopolitan magazine he just bought.
Reach Week is over? I thought we just needed gas for the vans!
Sam and a few friends. Apparently, Brad doesn't approve.
The Lion Queen, Claudia.
Brad told me to buy this for Grayson. (Sam)
Think they'll notice a little ice missing? Nah…(Evan)
Tada! We're home! Jessica celebrating as Greg, Logan, Grayson and T try to break it to her that she has to help unpack the vans.
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