Work Camper

Reach Workcamp 2003
Oliver Springs, TN

June 22 - 28

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MUMC Youth and Other Pictures
Our fearless leader Brad with Katie and Whitney in one of our vans on the trip over to TN.
Maloney leads a crew of the 8th grade guys during a pit stop on the trip over.
Motley crew of ladies posing during the same pit stop. That's Brittany, Caitlin, Megan, Hannah, Holland, Whitney, and Holly.
Who says ladies have the best table manners? Patrons at this Wendy's might disagree.
Brad's big on communication. Here he's probably asking local truckers for directions.
B-Man had the pleasure of chauffering 10 lovely ladies to TN and back. What a peaceful drive!
Counselor Richard basks in the glow of our arrival. Maggie's a counselor, believe it or not.
Kyle's enjoying the nice weather that greeted us Sunday.
Clayton has the attention of two ladies and he doesn't mind telling you about it.
It takes a whole crew of adults to keep 75+ teenagers in line.
Peace! Some of the guys chill before the first evening program.
More of our group relaxes before the program. Hey, is that a football? Go long!
Awww… blowing the cameraman a kiss. How sweet.
Harrison and Bobby seem especially happy to be here.
Counselor Vince keeps tabs on his daughter and friends.
In a moment of pure shock and horror, Stephen realizes he forgot to pack underwear!
Here's my small group for the week: Ashlee, Katie, Zach, Donnarae, and Ross. Good group.
Stephen thinks he can out-guzzle the B-Man at breakfast. Poor, delusional kid. He'll learn eventually.
Brad leads the music team at our nightly youth group 'Reflections'.
Brad and Richard find the only folks they can beat at cards -- Ryan, Brent, and Ryan.
After a round of batting practice at the local field, the boys pause for a photo. Who says workcamp puts hair on your chest?
Our group of girls was a tight-knit bunch and proved it at dinner. That's Brittany, Caitlin, Haley and Hannah.
Harrison performs one of the many workcamper duties for the week -- giving counselors a back rub! Stuart appreciates his efforts.
B-Man met many campers from other groups. Here he is with Brett and Tommy.
A happy bunch: Luke, Nicole, Katie, B-Man, and Harrison.
Haley and Caitlin enjoy our Wednesday afternoon off by the pool.
Hi Tracy. Wait, you're upside down!
JB referees for his crew in the gym.
Bobby stops for a photo op with Carly, Heidi, Erica, and Lauren.
B-Man with Christine (from his crew) and her mom Maureen, both from Meesh-igan.
B-Man with more friends from Meesh-igan -- Jesse and Emily.
Holland is amazed at the sheer size of Tracy's tongue.
A whole crew of our folks with Andrew from Raleigh.
One last stop at Wendy's with my co-pilot for the van rides this week -- Deborah.
More nice table manners from the kids and reason #1 why we always stop at a different restaurant each trip.
Both Nicoles (front left and right) show off how many bites it takes to down a burger (not many) while the rest of the crew jumps into the picture, even Haley at the window.
One last funny picture from the Wendy's stop on the ride home.

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